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The Four C’s of Construction Consumerism

One of questions we are most often asked is where and how to find solutions to effectively address construction consumerism. As we discuss solutions, we must also consider the fifth unspoken element of our consumerism and that is loyalty. Hispanic contractors are inherently loyal. We are loyal to family, friends, colleagues, business associates as well as brands. Brand loyalty to us is a two way street…we are loyal to the brand and want the brand to be loyal to us.


When sourcing materials, supplies and equipment essential to our construction projects, we must consider four important “C’s” of construction consumerism…Cost…Convenience…Customer-centricity…Clarity.


The tangible nature of cost is important to maintain project budgets. Convenience supports maximizing time to mitigate unnecessary time delays adding to cost. But what do customer-centricity and clarity mean to our quality of work, budgets and scope delivery.


Customer-centricity is a business strategy based on putting the customer first and at the core of (your) business. Clarity is critical to the professional contractor to ensure effective communication with not only our workforce but with vendors and suppliers as well.


A recent poll of the USHCA’s Austin metro-area members identified the geographic locale of the most active project locations. A further review of where fulfillment of the four C’s of construction customer needs may be available resulted in engaging conversations with a local Lowe’s store manager and assistant store manager.


Lowe’s corporate website states they have a ‘relentless focus on the customer’. After our conversation with local management we understand what that statement means to them and how Lowe’s translates their message to meet and exceed customer needs.


We assessed our Four C’s of construction consumerism and Lowe’s focus not only met but exceeded deliverables in each category. Let’s look at them individually, including the silent but highly important fifth element of loyalty.



  • with a robust selection of national brands Lowe’s also provides a selection of private brands focused on quality and pricing

  • robust national buying power allows Lowe’s to work with a diversity of suppliers resulting in multiple vendors for the same product to allow the customer readily available product selection and cost considerations



  • easily accessible products and supplies for a quick stop at the store

  • 5 locations in Austin proper, 5 in the Austin metropolitan area with 1

  • additional location slated soon

  • products can be sourced from other stores for transfer to a project

  • convenient location

  • delivery options available for fleet purchases, truck loads of open and

  • boxed product



  • Knowledgeable staff and cultural representation in employees, management, leadership and Board of Directors

  • Each store maintains a Pro department dedicated to the professional contractor

  • Bilingual associates dedicated to each pro contractor desk

  • Dedicated department staff

  • Focus on professional contractors of all sizes whether small, medium or national in size and scope

  • Sales leaders working in the field with Pro department contractors

  • Assigned National Account managers



  • ensuring employees are experienced and knowledgeable to provide comprehensive industry understanding and effective communication in their area of responsibility

  • understanding the big picture of construction includes additional areas of importance to their customer

  • providing an enhanced suite of services to the Lowe’s customer such as:

  • Financing:

  • multiple options and specialized financing programs for the pro contractor

  • MVP rewards program which tracks purchases for the enrollee and provides numerous benefits including exclusive offers, bonus points, business tools, everyday benefits as well as Lowe’s gift card rewards

  • no social security, ITIN or EIN requirements


Lowe’s understands our sense of community as well. Their commitment extends to our local communities through their “Hometown Program” where a major nominated project is undertaken by Lowe’s annually. Associates are provided paid wages for 8 hours of volunteer work at a charitable event of their selection. Lowe’s partners with communities experiencing an emergency event to expedite emergency supply needs and works with insurance companies to expedite drive through claim services as well as providing temporary product staging areas for ease of pick up.


It is apparent that Lowe’s provides the necessary elements of the four C’s of construction consumerism. Equally important is their steadfast “relentless focus on the customer” and their sincere loyalty to each and every customer. From the DYI’er to the wide spectrum of professional contractors, Lowe’s focus is on you and fostering a relationship to honor and support your loyalty during each and every visit. Shopping for family or work, shopping at Lowe’s is shopping with la familia.


To learn more about the multitude of Lowe’s products, services and their MVP program visit


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