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Rebuilding After a Hurricane

Hurricanes and Hispanic contractors have one major thing in common…both are fierce forces of nature. The very notable difference lies in the fact that hurricanes destroy, while Hispanic contractors repair and rebuild.

Sixteen years ago on August 29th, Hurricane Katrina wreaked carnage and havoc along our gulf coast line and that of our neighbors to the east. Now, on August 29th 2021, Hurricane Ida spared our Texas shorelines while destroying people and property in our neighboring Louisiana and Mississippi.

Irrespective of the year, Hispanic contractors are among the first to rally to all areas of need including those most hard hit. Katrina and Ida’s property destruction was massive. Buildings devoid of roofs, entire structures leveled to the ground, severely damaged roadways, homes with water half way to the ceiling, and many missing walls.

While the news was quick to report the physical damage, destruction and the massive undertaking of a rebuilding effort, our companies and workers had already mobilized and were hard at work at the initial and back-breaking tasks of removing debris, clearing crumpled buildings, tarping roofs that could be salvaged and clearing roadways. Although the days are long and the work demanding, our contractors never failed to provide encouragement to the displaced with the offer of a helping hand, words of encourage or something as minor as a sandwich from their lunch box. The Hispanic contracting community never fails to rebuild what nature has destroyed while rebuilding the spirits of the many that have been impacted in ways we hope to never experience ourselves.


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