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Homage to the Future: USHCA Welcomes New Leadership

The setting was the Headliners Club, with a gorgeous room overlooking our lively city and its ever changing skyline. The guests ranged from heads of the city’s departments, business owners, council members, law enforcement officers and first responders, to our very own US Hispanic Contractors Association board members. The focus of the event was to honor and welcome Jesus Garza as city manager, and to hear from our new, and former, Mayor of Austin, Kirk Watson. This evening was a perfect reflection of the leaders defining city representation and the heroes who continue to keep our dear city of Austin safe.

As Frank Fuentes, chairman of the USHCA, took the podium, he expressed deep gratitude for the partnerships that have developed between our legislative leaders, first responders, and members. He also took a moment to reminisce on the days when Austin was under the leadership of Kirk Watson and former city manager, Jesus Garza. Their leadership shaped the city of Austin in the 70s, and that evening all it took was a glance out of the venue's skyrise window to see how the city has transformed since then.

Austin Chief of Police Joseph Chacon, Austin Fire Chief Joe Baker, Austin Director of Homeland Security Juan Ortiz, and the event’s sponsor, Stuart Shaw expressed their gratitude and love for the city during their speeches as well. Some of the most evident qualities of these expressions were a sense of strong comradery between these leaders, and a gratitude for each other that could be felt throughout the room.

Kirk Watson shared his excitement to be working closely with Jesus Garza again, and highlighted the fact that this professional relationship is also one of long term friendship. The dynamic duo was warmly received by the evening’s attendees, who buzzed with an enthusiasm for the room’s diversity and an eagerness towards embracing the city’s future.

This evening marked the beginning of a new chapter of collaboration, leadership, and superb direction for the city. As Austin continues to grow, strong and intentional leadership and thriving partnerships are more important than ever. In order for our city and its inhabitants to flourish, improvement is inevitable when experts are at the forefront of the advancement, and that is exactly who these individuals are. With their experience and expertise, Mayor Kirk Watson and City Manager Jesus Garza offered a promising air of necessary and positive progress that is already underway.

As an association, we are proud to continue to strengthen and develop our partnership and expand our reach. We look forward to this new chapter for the City of Austin and have hope that together we can not only overcome any obstacle, but surpass the expectations for success in our industry, now and into the future.


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