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"It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it's the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time." - David Allen Coe

There is a timelessness that is the essence of construction. Not only do the buildings tell of the people who brought them up from the ground, but within the walls and bricks is held the history of its entire civilization. From the Roman empires, to the sacred temples of the world, to the ancient pyramids of lost civilizations, the voices of our ancestors still whisper from the stone of their construction. It is how we are still connected to the generations from centuries of the younger Earth.

As we evolve and integrate technology from the new millennium, we carry with us basic traits that will always be found in our structures, reflecting what defines us as humans. Shelter, protection from the elements, inspiration through artistic and structural architecture, integration of the resources available to us, and a strong foundation that can withstand time are the fundamental elements of our constructed pieces throughout history and into the future.

Like a painting on a wall, the architecture speaks of its time and place. Our current construction projects are beginning to tell of a generation that is environmentally conscious. It is becoming more common to include solar panels and methods of energy conservation into our planning. A shift in our perception of the responsibility we hold for the future of our planet is creating new ways of living substantially and using our resources wisely. The birth of modern design reveals the concepts behind this revolution.

Just as the designs of our ancestors told of their thoughts and values as a society, our buildings will hold true to who we are as a people. Future generations will decode our intricate thought process simply by analyzing the focus of our structures. What is important to us will always be expressed in what we create. Our identities are preserved as the designs are laid out, the concrete poured, the walls built, and the structures formed, the blueprints the structure of our DNA.

Who are we as a people? What will our structures tell the future? The road to our success is always under construction. It is in our hands to build a better, stronger, brighter world for those to come, and our responsibility to help shape it correctly. After all, we in the construction industry, have the privilege to build this footprint directly and firsthand. Our work is so important, it is bigger than us and surely worth everything that is poured into the labor that is required. It is not the beauty of the building you should look at; it's the essence of construction, the foundation that will stand the test of time.

Brick by brick, my citizens, brick by brick...

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