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Our mission is to provide and support advancement for economic growth of the members of the United States Hispanic Contractors Association de Austin and our regional community.  We are committed to developing programs and facilitating resources needed to assist contractors reach their full potential.


An important message from the US Hispanic Contractors Association:

As essential workers, there are essential precautions to take. It is a privilege to be able to remain working; let's do our part to keep our community safe.

Please remember to wash your hands often, maintain a 6ft distance from others, wear a fabric face covering, do not come to work if you are sick or have had contact with someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days, no hand shaking, do not share tools, limit carpooling, and do not share community water coolers.

Together we can stop the spread and stay safe and healthy.

Un mensaje importante para US Hispanic Contractor Association:

Como trabajadores esenciales, existen medidas de prevención esenciales que debemos tomar. Es nuestro privilegio el poder seguir trabajando y nuestra responsabilidad el mantener a nuestra comunidad sana.

Por favor recuerde de lavarse las manos con frecuencia, mantener 6 pies de distancia, usar un cubre bocas, no asistir al trabajo si se encuentra enfermo o a estado en contacto con el virus COVID-19 en los últimos 14 días, no saludar de mano, no compartir el equipo de trabajo, evitar compartir coche con otras personas y no compartir bebederos comunitarios.

Justos podemos evitar el contagio y mantenernos sanos y salvos.

Visit our COVID-19 Page for more information and follow us on Facebook for updates. 

Take Action: Get Vaccinated Today


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Become a Member

The USHCA de Austin promotes getting certified as a woman or minority owned company with the City of Austin to provide the city with YOUR PRODUCTS and SERVICES, and encourages participation of currently certified companies in on-going city projects and bidding opportunities.  For more information or assistance to help you get certified, please EMAIL US.  What do you have to lose, more business?


Become a Member

Membership Benefits include: Advocacy, BID Distribution, Membership Referrals, Conference Meeting Room, Company Brochure Design, Business Networking Events,
Plan Room with Internet Access,
Plan Reading & Estimating Class,
The Apprentice Quarterly, Newsletter, Free OSHA Safety Training (English-Spanish), Minority-owned Business Certification Assistance, Company Websites.


Get OSHCA Certified for FREE. Certification with the City of Austin is all about contracting opportunities for city projects.  The USHCA de Austin provide basic support and guidance, promoting certification as a woman or minority owned company and encouraging certified companies to participate in city projects.


Bids are now exclusively distributed via our BID ALERT$ system to the membership, which include great opportunities. If your company is a general contractor or perhaps as an individual you have an opportunity for one of our members, just send us your bid with as much detail.

Joining The US Hispanic Contractors Association 

You Don't Have To Be Hispanic To Join, We Speak BUSINESS!  But If Your Company Wants To Network With America's Fastest Growing Minority Majority Consumer Niche Market Of Products & Services . . . You've Come To The Right Place.  All Companies Are Welcome From Outside Or Inside The Construction And Related Arenas.

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